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SkillsUSA Alumni Membership
SkillsUSA Alumni Membership

SkillsUSA Alumni Membership is free and is open to anyone. Registered members get electronic newsletters, online version of the magazine and other communications on a regular basis. Alumni Membership is also open to your business partners, contest committees, judges, or anyone else within your state organization. We do not sell our list or use it for any other purpose. Please help us by forwarding this message, by asking students who graduated to become SkillsUSA Alumni members, and by posting a link to the alumni join page on your state Website. 

SkillsUSA West Virginia Alumni & Friends Association 
Mission Statement

The SkillsUSA Alumni and Friends association provides a structured network to reunite former SkillsUSA and VICA members, partners, schools and supporters of Career and Technical Education (CTE). The Alumni organization promotes opportunities to continue the SkillsUSA journey through service, leadership, professional development and networking." 

The mission of the SkillsUSA West Virginia Alumni and Friends Association is to act as a resource for WV SkillsUSA. Our mission is to be:

1. Self-motivated and goal oriented members who demonstrate fundamental skills and knowledge relevant to current and ever-changing demands in the world of work.

2. Professional, educated leaders to assist SkillsUSA WV in accomplishing its goals.

3. Members who are aware of social, political, environmental, cultural, technological, and economical issues in order to be a role model for SkillsUSA students. 

2016-2017 SkillsUSA West Virginia Alumni Chapter

Allison Thaxton, Alumni Coordinator 

Holly Lutsy, President

Lauren Albaugh, Vice-President

Tyler Toles, Secretary

Thomas Vannatter, Treasurer

Latasha Wheeler, Parliamentarian

Matt Nguyen, Reporter

Abigail Crown, Historian

Adam Hedrick, Sergeant-At-Arms
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